Paying It Forward

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After reading these 3 short stories I hope you can find the time to Pay It Forward.

Over 5 years ago I met Stephen Young, who at the time was the National Marketing Manager at MTD Canada and the Director of Marketing for the Waterloo Busker Carnival. It was at one of my very first modelling gigs. We clicked instantly – with his high energy and lovable personality, how could we not be friends? After getting to know each other better and explaining that I was getting more involved in the world of public relations, Steve offered me an opportunity to volunteer with the carnival… and I took it. Time flies – August 2014 will be my 5th summer volunteering as the Director of PR & Social Media, on the executive committee for the Sun Life Financial Waterloo Busker Carnival.

Over 6 years ago I got together with Ema Suvajac, grabbed some Christmas lights, had one of my best friends do the makeup, and attempted our first photo shoot – for both of us. Little did I know, I was about to meet my second family in Audrey Wilson, Laurie Cadman, and the Gemini Models team – some of the most beautiful people inside out. I’ve been fortunate over the years to have had the opportunity to model for Ed Hardy, MTD Canada, World Gym, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, and countless local projects in the Waterloo Region.

Over 3 years ago I had the opportunity to work with Meghan Huras, Communications Specialist at OpenText. I learned and discovered a new side to communications – public relations and social media, different than the marketing/PR role I had taken on a few years earlier with Steve. I worked hard to learn, grow and develop my skills managing OpenText online communities and working with an amazing group of people. Meghan helped me make an informative decision about where to further my education for a grad degree, and I now currently work full-time at OpenText as a Public Relations Specialist.

This post is not meant to give the impression that everyone can – or will help you, but rather to remind you that regardless of your profession, you have an opportunity everyday to help someone else, in some way… to give them the start and the opportunity they need. It’s up to them to put in the work.

I have never believed that good things come to those who wait. I believe that good things come to those to take action. 

When opportunity knocks, answer right away. I don’t believe that action means doing something alone… one part of achieving yours goals and your own definition of success is to connect with others and grow together. I recently received an email from a WLU graduate asking me if I had time to grab dinner and provide some advice on getting a job and how to approach starting your professional career. The answer to that was of course, yes! Everyone has the ability to help another in some way… if I can be a Steve, a Meghan, or an Ema to this young woman, I will do anything I can do show my gratitude and Pay It Forward.

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