How full is your bucket?

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Go skydiving, read a new book, climb Mount Kilimanjaro… we’ve all had one… The Bucket List.

Recently, I read two books that have changed my perspective on life as it currently is. The first is “How Full is Your Bucket?” and it asks exactly that… do people in your life – your spouse, best friend, co-worker, or even a stranger, “fill your bucket” by making you feel more positive, or “dip from your bucket,” leaving you more negative than before? So it got me to thinking: I really need to spend more time with the positive, open, loving, understanding people in my life… and not only that, but appreciating them and being sure that I am returning these qualities to their life and our relationship.

The second book is “Learned Optimism“, where author Dr. Seligman explains how to break an “I-give-up” habit. He provides simple techniques to be more positive, which can help break up depression, boost your immune system, better develop your potential and make you happier in the long run. I highly recommend both of these books, as they give perspective on what it means to be positive and persistent. After reading them I am more aware that what I think and do, I truly become.

I find that so often in life people get bogged down with negative emotions, pessimistic outlooks, and the idea that not so pleasant circumstances are permanent and universal. I have to admit that in the past I have “dipped” from other’s buckets, not aware that I wasn’t bringing anything positive to their life, but rather spreading negative energy.

I wanted to take a moment for this post to recognize the people who have been helping to “fill” my bucket in the last few months – and the buckets I hope to fill in return….

  • Aunt Glor, someone I have been close with my whole life. We went out for dinner to celebrate her birthday recently… we laughed, shared stories and of course, drank some good wine (GB51, my fave!). She encouraged me to push myself and chase my dreams in whatever aspect of my life that is, and I really appreciated that.
  • Every Thursday this summer I played beach volleyball with Mike and two great friends, Matt and Ish. I’m not the best player out there, but I always have a blast and they are constantly encouraging me both on and off the court. I always go home on Thursdays a happier woman than when I left. I respect Matt and Ish a lot professionally and personally; I’m looking forward to growing my friendships with both of them.
  • Evelyn, Nikki and Steve – I feel so fortunate to have people who continually support and encourage my career and professional growth… such positivity! There is nothing like people who share their passion with others and Pay It Forward when they can.
  • Erika – there is nothing like 15 years of solid friendship. I have never laughed so hard, baked so much, and felt so comfortable, always. There is something to be said for being there for someone through the good and bad. Our relationship is one of respect, understanding and trust and I appreciate that so much. Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me when I needed it.
  • I believe every person should have that one friend they can confide in and feel that they aren’t being judged, looked down on or criticized. Luckily for me, I have had three friends lately filling my bucket in this area – Michelle, Connie and Gabi. I have learned over the years that everyone has different requirements of friendships and relationships, and that is OK! What I love about my friendship with these three ladies is that the time we spend together is about quality, not quantity. We may not see each other as often as we would like, but every talk, hangout or catch up is positive, energizing and so cherished.
Next time you talk to someone – a co-worker, friend, parent or acquaintance, ask yourself this: what am I bringing to the table? How am I filling their bucket and enriching their life? I truly value the people in my life and the experiences I have had. Life is too short to do anything but cherish the moments and the people in it.
“If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that.”

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